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we provide quality assurance testing

Masonry Construction Shell footing

Quality professional site inspection in the 5 county

Chicago-Land area

Construction Testing Services of Elburn, IL will come to your site and perform the necessary inspections to ensure that the work is completed properly and safely.

CTS boasts a staff with 2 structural engineers and four professional engineers. Whenever you need your construction site inspection, give us a call for quick, professional, and experienced service!

Over 130 years' experience combined

  • Steel inspections

  • Soil exploration

  • Floor flatness - exclusive providers of the Floorpro® floor flatness machine to ensure a perfectly level floor!

  • Concrete plant inspections and certifications

  • Engineering and engineering consultation

  • Soil sustainability testing

  • Environmental testing

  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 environment surveys

Inspections of every kind

CTS is able to offer some of our services same day so call now to schedule yours!

Providing over

40 years of professional, personalized service