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Construction Material Engineering and Test (CME)

Construction Testing Services is a chartered corporation and is offering testing to architects, engineers, owners, and general contractors in the North Illinois area for over 26 years under the same name and operation. Our testing services and onsite inspections cover all phases of laboratory and field testing as follow:  

Soil Suitability

  • In place Nuclear Density Compaction testing

  • Testing, observation and monitoring of caissons and pipe piles

  • Vertification of bearing soils, and compaction of sub-surface soils


  • Concrete Testing

  • On-site observation and labor testing of cobcrete for air, slump, weights, temperature, and mix design

  • Swiss Rebound Hammer testing

  • Core sampling  and laboratory testing

  • Precast concrete testing and monitoring

  • Concrete Plant inspections

Masonry  Testing

  • On-site observation and labor testing of mortar and gout, spacing verification and mix design


  • Proof rools, compaction testing of sub base stone

  • Density testing for asphalt

  • Batch plant inspections

  • Coring and laboratory



Structural Steel

  • On site wields, steel anchor blot testing, and reporting

  • Bolt tension inspections

  • AISC certified technicians

  • Soil and aggregated laboratory Proctor testing


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